Jonas Frisén

Jonas Frisén
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB)
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Stem cell biology and adult neurogenesis.

Many cell types in the adult body are constantly replaced from stem cells. A precise regulation of this process is required for organ homeostasis and to avoid tissue atrophy or tumor development. We are interested in how cell production is regulated, and address this by studying the identity of stem and progenitor cells, their molecular regulation and the extent of cell replacement in different regions and situations. Most of our studies focus on the adult central nervous system and the generation of neurons in the adult brain, but we are also interested in embryonic stem cells, intestine, skin and the hematopoietic system. To study cell turnover in humans, we have developed a method to retrospectively determine the age of cells by measuring the integration of 14C derived from nuclear bomb tests. This allows us to determine whether for example neurons are renewed in different regions of the adult human brain and whether this process is affected in certain pathologies.

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