Henrik Druid

Henrik Druid
Department of Oncology-Pathology
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Determination of age and pathologies of human tissues

A strategy to collect and process postmortem tissue samples from deceased donors for research purposes has been established in collaboration with the department of forensic medicine. This allows for the use of human tissue in The Human Regenerative Map project. Our groups is interested in the use of bomb-pulse derived radiocarbon analysis for age determination of unidentified dead victims. We have also developed a strategy to combine 14C analysis with determination of the levels of 13C, aspartic acid enantiomere analysis and genetic profiling, which can provide information about geographical origin, year of death and sex, respectively, facilitating identification casework. Efforts are also put into studies to unravel the mechanisms behind neurogenesis, and factors that influence this process, particularly various drugs of abuse. To this end, radiocarbon analyses will be combined with neuropharmacological methods in order to relate abnormal turnover of neurons and glial cells in hippocampus with alterations due to long term and short term drug exposure.

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